The story behind it:

My name is Rich Crombie and I’m a 9 year veteran of the U.S. Navy Submarine Service.

The idea for the Stars & Stripes Honor March was conceived after taking an impromptu 7.5 mile walk from my home in South Reno to the Powning Veterans Memorial Park downtown.

On Sept. 13th, 2016, I wanted to honor my son PFC David Nicholas Crombie, U.S. Army, (who was killed in action during the War in Iraq , June 7, 2006, and who would’ve turned 30 years old on 9/13/16). I wondered what I could do to show my respect for my flag and country, and for those who paid the ultimate price serving her. So I spontaneously walked the 7.5 mile distance from my home in South Reno, (via S. Virginia St.), all the way to the Powning Veterans Memorial Park downtown where Nick’s name is engraved on the War On Terror monument. Carrying the American flag at my side the entire length of the journey, I walked in honor of America and all Veterans who served and sacrificed in the line of duty for their country.

Below is a photo of me at the grave site of my son PFC David Nicholas Crombie, USA, at Arlington National Cemetery.

As I walked and saw the immensely positive response from people who shared my passion, patriotism, and support for what I was doing, I thought to myself…”this is something that should be done more than once, (perhaps annually) and even on a grander scale. The message is too important”. So as I walked and thought more about it, I came up with the concept and logo for the Stars And Stripes Honor March.

This event (and the movement to proudly support the U.S.A.) comes at a time when many news stories are sadly reporting the disrespect shown for the American flag in some venues and some circles of society across the nation. This march will hopefully remind citizens of the importance and significance of love and respect for their country and its symbols,…despite the problems, issues, and sometimes seemingly injustices that occur on its soil.

Veterans Day – Nov. 11th, 2016 @ 1100 hours

In a special salute to America and to honor its Veterans, I chose this inaugural event to remember the 58,307 servicemen and women whose names appear on the Vietnam Wall in Washington D.C.. So once again I embarked on a journey of patriotism carrying the American flag while marching all 58,307 steps, one step for every name that appears on the Wall.

This equates to about 25 miles. The “Honor March” officially began at Powning Veterans Memorial Park (starting point of the Veterans Day Parade on S. Virginia St. Reno, NV).

I marched in the parade down South Virginia Street, and continued my trek down E. 4th St. (Old Hwy 40), through Sparks on Victorian Avenue, and eventually turned right to begin the clockwise loop on E. McCarran Blvd.

I then walked the entire McCarran loop around Reno and Sparks until my objective of 58,307 steps was achieved, ultimately ending back at the starting point (Powning Veterans Memorial Park in Reno). The march ended at approximately 2245 hours (10:45PM), having marched just over 28 miles while carrying the American flag in full dress uniform.

(this was my smart watch which counted the steps and the mileage)

The Honor March is open to anyone who wishes to join in support of America, her flag, and her Veterans,…whether they walk all, or part of the way. In so doing, perhaps together we can raise a greater awareness of service and honor to our country and keep the spirit of America alive.